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Free Online Painting Workshop

has agreed to do a free online workshop for The Waterville Area Art Society on Sunday, January 23 from 4-6 pm. Johannes teaches with Artists Network. Memeber, Susan Cruz, has been attending his online classes for the past year , and feels that it has greatly improved her painting skills. You can learn more about Johannes at his website,

The topic for this workshop will be how to paint landscape symbols, specifically trees. Susan says that she still struggles with painting trees, and Johannes is an expert at this. The instructor will be leading the workshop in watercolor, but students can use any medium they prefer. People are also welcome to just watch and listen, or take notes. Bring some scrap paper and paints. Practice makes perfect!

We are hopeful than 15 people can attend in person at Frame makers. While the social aspect of the workshop is important, it is important that everyone should have a “Plan B” in case the Framemakers is unable to host and people will need to zoom in from home. Join a friend or zoom in on your own. We should be able to chat with each other online in this case.

Please contact Susan Cruz if you would like to sign up for this event.

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